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ICD-10 CM Training Manual for FREE - October 1st 2015 onwards

Get the ICD-10 Training Manual

We want to help you prepare for ICD-10 with a successful, strategic ICD-10 implementation plan that encompasses the entire practice. Your plan should identify specific actions and assign responsibilities and deadlines for achieving results including changes in processes, procedures, policies as well as budget, education, and communication needs. Resources for the ICD-10-CM implementation effort need to be identified and the potential need for temporary staff and/or consulting services should be considered.
Our “ICD-10 Implementation Training Manual” includes more than 150 pages of guidance, instruction, and resources that can help you prepare for the final countdown to ICD-10 implementation. 

Get ICD 10 training manual  

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Education of Human Anatomy, Physiology and medical terminiolgy, Disease condition, Diagnostic tests, treatement and Medical abbrivation. About Medical coder - Medical coding specialists play an essential role in the business of healthcare. Using alphanumeric diagnosis and procedure codes, they communicate critical information about medical conditions and treatments. Coders translate medical terminology into a standardized format, allowing information to be transmitted accurately and efficiently between healthcare providers and insurance payors.